About us

Central Coast Businesses Working Together To Exceed Expectations

At the Wild Fig Service Alliance, our members are all high performing Central Coast business owners and managers who are leaders in their field. They are motivated and passionate about their business and in sharing their knowledge and experience with other like-minded business people.

Our shared goal is business growth through the delivery of customer service excellence. By working together, we aim to assist each member in achieving this goal through the sharing of ideas, skills development, key speaker and industry leader presentations and through the development of strong, strategic alliances, both formal and informal.



Within our Alliance, Wild Fig members have the certainty of referring valued customers to trustworthy, experienced providers who will care about their clients as much as they do.

All members agree to a charter of ethics and anyone found to be in breach may be dismissed from membership if there is no valid reason or no attempt to resolve the relevant issue honestly and fairly.

While the provision of referrals is in no way a requirement of Wild Fig Service Alliance membership, referrals between members are genuine and frequent as they are simply the result of a trusted business relationship with the manager of a leading Central Coast business.


All members will maintain the integrity and reputation of the Association.

All members will endeavour to live up to the professional and ethical standards of their profession or business.

All members will be service-oriented; not necessarily perfect on every occasion, but committed to fixing any problem that occurs.

All members will be open and honest in all dealings with other members and their referred customers.

All members will provide services that are of a high standard of quality and value.

All members will perform services in accordance with quoted prices and costs disclosure and endeavour to provide services in a timely manner.

All members will follow up in reasonable time on all referrals received.

All members will endeavour to enlarge the membership of the group, to ensure increased referrals for all members, and look for opportunities to contribute to the advancement of the Association.

All members will support initiatives of the Association to give back to the community of the Central Coast.