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Commercial Architect


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Claudia Rosznercki

Commercial Architect

Claudia Rosznercki is the Principal Architect and founder of the RZK Group, a team with a combined experience of more than 50 years in design, construction and project management services for both the residential and commercial sectors. The group offers a range of flexible, tailored services to clients and has the experience, qualifications and professional connections to handle every aspect of a project, from concept through to completion. With a predominant focus on commercial projects, the RZK Group has worked extensively in the retail, aged care and education sectors in Sydney, on the Central Coast and in the Hunter region.

Born and raised in Argentina, Claudia was drawn to creative and artistic pursuits from a very young age and has always had a natural flair for design. Inspired by a strong family tradition of culture and the arts, it came as no surprise to those who knew her when she decided to study architecture at University. Moving to Australia in 2002, Claudia gained extensive design and project management experience working for a number of high profile companies and property developers, including Westfield In Newcastle and Sydney. Keenly aware that there is a lot more to architecture than building design, Claudia continued to study while working full time, successfully adding qualifications in construction to her portfolio of academic achievements. She is currently working towards the achievement of a Masters in Project Management and an MBA.

Today Claudia heads a team of three, who each bring their own diverse expertise and skillsets to the table. The result is a professional, seamless design and construction experience that saves clients time and money and removes the stress of building by having all aspects of their project handled under the one roof.

Adopting a collaborative approach with every project she undertakes, Claudia works very closely with her clients and the construction team to ensure no stone is left unturned. In Claudia’s view, research and needs analysis are particularly important in the commercial sector. She takes the time to gain a solid understanding of specific workplace health and safety requirements, how the staff operates and end user expectations to produce a building design that is beautiful, functional, compliant and facilitates premium service delivery. As a result of this high level of attention to detail, Claudia and the team often exceed client expectations and word of mouth referral has become their greatest lead source.

Commercial interior designer, Kate Beresford-Banks from B2B Property Solutions, first introduced Claudia to Wild Fig after the two had worked together on a few aged care projects. Impressed with the level of professionalism within the group, Claudia made the decision to join the alliance in order to network with and learn from other business owners in her local area.

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