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IT Solutions, Networking & Server Management


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Grant Ragen

IT Solutions, Networking & Server Management


It’s fair to say to say the majority of people would find it hard to see a logical connection between the construction and IT industries. In fact, most would probably consider them to be worlds apart. For Grant Ragen however, 20 years as an architectural/structural draftsman, CAD and project manager, followed by IT manager with local developer and construction giant, The Stevens Group, gave him a solid foundation and the integral skills needed to establish Platinum IT Solutions, a local business that delivers intelligent, customised network solutions and support for small to mid-sized businesses.

Since founding Platinum IT Solutions in 2006, Grant has achieved phenomenal success in a relatively short space of time, the result of outstanding work ethics, customer service, innovative IT solutions and sheer hard work. Today Grant and his team support businesses from a variety of sectors including hospitality, medical, retail, legal, training and (of course) construction, to name just a few.

With a belief that every business is unique, Grant makes it a point to listen carefully to a client and get to know their business in order to ensure that every solution he recommends is specifically tailored to suit their needs. “Building relationships is a key part of my service”, said Grant, “and if you don’t focus on what’s best for the client, then you’re out of the equation”, he added. Grant is constantly amazed at the lack of security many businesses have over their computer networks. While they may have everything in place to prevent a fire or theft occurring, many have neglected to incorporate an adequate back-up system to ensure their data is protected. For those businesses that aren’t in a position to implement the complete package, Grant recommends a suitable strategy that can be established one step at a time, starting with the centralising of their data followed by the establishment of a good back-up and disaster recovery plan. His high work ethics are one of many reasons that much of his work today results from word-of-mouth referral.

Since moving from leased business premises to the dedicated home office he and the team now operate from, Grant has been spending an increasing amount of time working on his business rather than in it – a key principle he has adopted from his favourite business Book, Michael Gerber’s ‘The E-Myth’ (a book he has read a total of 5 times). This change has also allowed him to start spending more time with wife Julie, 2 teenage children as well as try to “schedule some time in the diary” for a surf or a mountain bike ride.

Grant first attended a Wild Fig Alliance breakfast meeting following an invitation by Barbara Ketley from Milestone Bela-Nova and Rod Evans from Trilogy Professional Group. Joining as a Professional Partner and the IT service provider for the group became the next logical step for Grant who saw the decision as an opportunity to “be part of a group of professionals who were already successful”. Since that time, Grant has delivered a powerful and thought-provoking presentation to the group, which has prompted a number of enquiries from other members, not only for the benefit of their businesses but also on behalf of their own clients.


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