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Graeme Johnston


Integrity, professionalism and empathy are values that don't automatically spring to mind for most people when they think about the telecommunications industry. For clients of Central Telecoms however, those values are regarded as significant points of difference in an industry where other service providers, including big players like Telstra and Optus, don't seem to care. That is precisely what Graeme and his business partner, Andy Heller, set out to achieve when they established Central Telecoms in 2016. Experts at solving NBN issues and delivering superior phone, VoIP and Internet systems for businesses, Central Telecoms has quickly earned a reputation for prompt, personalised service and cost-effective, tailored solutions.

Born and raised in the UK, Graeme studied Accounting and Finance at Leeds University, majoring in business and finance and graduating with Honours. He kicked off his career with a start-up telecommunications company in 2004. Over the next eight years he gained extensive experience in all aspects of growing a telecommunications company from the ground up. One of the earliest adopters of VoIP technology, that company is now a leading telecommunications provider with a rapidly expanding footprint. The experience of helping that business launch and grow would later serve Graeme well in his own start-up.

Graeme, his wife and three young children immigrated to Australia in 2012 and settled on the Central Coast. After working with some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world for many years, Graeme had become disillusioned with the industry's lack of ethics, care and local knowledge. Realising that his colleague at the time, Andy Heller shared his view, the pair made the decision to start their own telecommunications company specialising in regional businesses. They named it Central Telecoms.

Graeme and Andy started with two offices, one on the Central Coast and the other in Wagga, and have since grown their footprint to six regional locations in just three years. Graeme and Andy's vision is to have a Central Telecoms presence in forty regional locations, via a dealership model, throughout Australia by 2022, an ambitious but achievable goal given their success in such a short space of time. How have they achieved such strong growth in just three years? The answer is simple. Not only do they specialise in helping regional Australian businesses transition their telecommunication services to the NBN without any delays or loss of service, they also genuinely care about their customers. Their honest advice and swift, proactive local solutions help their customers communicate more efficiently and cost effectively with their own customers, improving their bottom line.

Every member of the Central Telecoms team is a skilled technician, meaning there is a single point of contact every step of the way, from first meeting or phone call to installation, and no outsourcing whatsoever. Furthermore, every service centre is locally owned, operated and employs local people. It's about locals serving locals, which in turn helps grow the local economy.

Graeme had been aware of Wild Fig and its reputation as a quality business alliance as opposed to a referral-focused group for some years. So when the category of telecommunications became available he was quick to submit an application to join. He says, "The biggest attraction to Wild Fig is the learning and the people. My cogs are constantly turning and I always come away with useful information that helps us refine our business processes."

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