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Maxine Cottril






Manufacturer of recycled Australian Timber.


49 Advantage Avenue, Morisset, NSW, 2264

Maxine Cottril

Bib N Brace - recylcled Australian Timber

Maxine Cottrill was destined to work in manufacturing from the day she was born. For as long as she can remember, she has been immersed in the industry, spending countless hours in her youth on the factory floor of her family's multi-generational business, Open Shutters at Berkeley Vale, hammer or paintbrush in hand. It was her father, Bruce, who encouraged her to get on the tools from a young age. She credits him as the one who sparked her interest in sustainable manufacturing, made the factory her 'happy place' and empowered her to follow her passion in a traditionally male-dominated sector.

Maxine belongs to a generation that has been immersed in the concept of sustainability from an early age. A keen interest in history led to an awareness of humanity's historically sustainable practices, making her question why society has strayed from the efficient utilisation of available resources. This awareness led her to embrace the three pillars of sustainability: people, profit, and planet in all her endeavours.

Today, Maxine is Senior Manager at Bib'n Brace, a Central Coast manufacturer of bespoke, sustainably produced products crafted from timber destined for landfill, where she leads a team of 13. The business was founded by her father, who is mentoring her as his future successor.

Appreciating the importance of acquiring the necessary trade skills and knowledge to earn trust and credibility in the sector, Maxine undertook a cabinetmaking apprenticeship after leaving school and joining her father's business. She firmly maintains that having been on the tools and learning how to converse with other manufacturers and builders in their own 'language' has made a considerable difference in her professional journey. One of Maxine's core values is to keep manufacturing processes local and, in this way, contribute to the growth and prosperity of the community. By sourcing raw materials locally and hiring local talent, Bib' n Brace ensures that the economic benefits remain on the Central Coast.

As a young entrepreneur, Maxine engages with various local organisations and initiatives, often volunteering to speak at and drive events. An active Central Coast Sustainability Association (CCSA) member, she organised their R.E.E.L. Talks in 2022 and 2023, an annual TED Talks-style event featuring thought-provoking presentations and panel discussions delivered by sustainability thought leaders. At the inaugural event, she was a panellist with two other young Central Coast entrepreneurs. Maxine is also involved with Rotary and has received two prestigious accolades from the organisation: the Youth Leadership Award and the Pride of Workmanship Award.

Passionate about networking and broadening her horizons, Maxine joined Wild Fig Service Alliance because she saw it as a safe and stimulating environment where she could independently expand her professional network and broaden her knowledge base by connecting with professionals from various sectors. This exposure enables her to bring fresh insights to her business and contribute her own ideas to the group.





Bib n Brace recycled Australian specialize in manufacturing one of a kind doors, bespoke benchtops, bathroom vanities and fireplace mantles. 

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