Service Standards

Unlike many networking groups, Wild Fig does not require members to search around for vague leads so that they can pass them on to other members of the group. Nor are members required to risk passing on the names of valued customers to businesses with low service standards and ethics.

At Wild Fig, each of our members has been individually selected on the basis of their proven service philosophies and achievements. Mandatory service standards apply and non-complying members are asked to take remedial action or to resign their memberships.

Upon acceptance of their membership application, each member agrees to a Code of Ethics. If problems arise in relation to a member, the Executive Committee may, at their sole discretion, put a member on probation relating to the member's business practices and/or commitment to the Association. If problems are not satisfactorily rectified, the membership will be revoked.

Of paramount importance is the provision of service excellence to all customers of Wild Fig Partners. By maintaining high standards, members can be certain they can refer their valued customers to other members without damaging their relationships.


A Way with Words

Phaedra's passion for writing began at the age of eight when she wrote and illustrated her first storybook, a children's tale called, Harold the Field Mouse. While the story was never publishe...

A Way with Words